“A Champion Of Justice, A Master At Disguise…You Can Have Your Own Crime Fighter Battling The Mythical Streets Of Gotham In A Batman Kids Costume!”

Similar to some other Superheroes, Batman experienced tragedy as a child. In the fictional city of Gotham, his parents were gunned down by a man with “frightened, hollow eyes and a voice like glass being crushed.” From that point forward, he vowed to wage war against crime. Your child can join the cause in a batman kids costume.

Unlike other Superheroes, Batman did not possess instant super powers – it took some time before he developed into a physical marvel and scientific and deductive genius. In fact, he embarked on a 15-year journey to become adept at acrobatics, boxing, science and detective skills. Once he completed his training, he designed the batman costume to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

Batman Toddler Costume

Batman Brave & Bold Batman Infant/Toddler CostumeIf your little one is to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Batman, it’s a good idea to get him started early. The Toddler Batman Costume is all he’ll need for inspiration.

Although originally designed in red, Batman’s costume was ultimately changed to blue and grey. The Toddler Batman Costume represents this heroic ensemble that includes a classic Bat jumpsuit complete with the signature Batman insignia and utility belt decoration. A masked headpiece (to hide his secret identity) with a cape attached is also included.

The costume is very cute and easy to get on and off. It’s so comfortable, your toddler will want to fight crime, eat and sleep in it. But note that this is a starter costume. Once your toddler gets some training under his belt, you’ll want to upgrade to the deluxe batman outfit.

Deluxe Child Batman Costume

Batman Brave & Bold Deluxe M/C Batman Toddler/Child CostumeWith Batman’s physical regimen, he developed the visage of Adonis and the build of Hercules. That’s where the deluxe batman costume comes into play. If your child wants to strike fear into the hearts of the unjust, he’ll need to look the part.

The Deluxe Child Batman Costume (popular among 4-5 year olds) includes a muscled Batman jumpsuit with attached boot tops and arm gauntlets, utility belt, courageous cape and masked headpiece. Available in toddler (2/4), small (4/6), medium (8/10) and large (12/14), the grunts of Gotham won’t know what hit ‘em! This costume does run a little big, which means there will be some room for growth.

Dark Knight Costume

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child CostumeThe details of the Batman costume have changed through various stories and media. One of these variations has been the Dark Knight Costume. The Dark Knight is a true figure of justice, not just a vigilante who has stepped across the often indistinct line between good and evil.

This Batman suit includes a sculpted muscle chest shirt jumpsuit with “armor” screen print on the pants portion, a Batman Mask/headpiece, a full length cape and Batman utility belt.

The Dark Knight Costume is one of the best batman costumes you can buy because it brings tons of fun for Halloween and after. This is a quality costume that fits like a glove and gives your child a “realistic” feel of what it means to be Batman.

Batman’s persona is attractive for kids because he simply puts on his uniform like the average Joe and goes to work. There are no super powers like x-ray vision or the ability to fly. He relies only on his vast knowledge, resources and finely honed skills. This makes the Gotham Guardian a mortal, yet highly determined and virtually an unconquerable opponent, particularly against the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler.

The crime-fighting passion of Batman has fascinated fans through the decades. The hero called the Dark Knight not only fights against the underworld, but on behalf of the oppressed innocents of society. And, you’ll be able to see more of his goodness in Batman 3 – The Dark Knight Rises. Scheduled for release in July 2012, this will be one of the most highly-anticipated films in comic book movie history.

There’s no doubt that Batman will be successful, yet again, in the next sequel to the movie franchise. Fans are able to identify with him because he’s vulnerable and can be overpowered and wounded. His personality is benign, intelligent and, as Bruce Wayne, somewhat laid back. Moreover, his goals are simple and his method of fighting crime gets the job done.