Created by cartoonist Bob Kane in 1938, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics (DC) issue 27 in May of 1939. He earned his own comic book title in 1940, began appearing in World’s Finest Comics in 1941, and had his own news paper strip in 1943 along with a fifteen-chapter serial.

The Back Story

A very young Bruce Wayne experienced the trauma of seeing his parents murdered. The orphaned Wayne vowed to wage war against crime and embarked on a 15-year journey to become adept at acrobatics, boxing, science and detective skills.

Wayne inherited millions from his father, a prominent Gotham physician. Thus his public persona was one of the millionaire “playboy.” His private persona was one in which he trained his mind and body to prepare for his battle against crime.

When he was finally ready to go to war, it took an omen, the sight of a flying black bat through the open window of his mansion, to finally manifest his Batman identity. He would later recount that his “Batman” inspiration came from an unconscious childhood memory of seeing his father costumed as a batman for a masquerade party.

Batman’s Sidekick

After 11 solo adventures, the young Dick Grayson teamed up with Batman. Grayson’s parents were also murdered. He became Robin, the Boy Wonder. Alongside Batman, he brought his parents assailants to justice. Wayne also obtained guardianship of Grayson.

Batman’s amazing deductive abilities allowed him to puzzle out the most complex riddles and clues dropped by villains. His technical expertise – in apparently everything – enabled him to construct extraordinary vehicles, computers and other crime-fighting devices.

The crime-fighting passion of Batman has fascinated fans through the decades. The hero called the Dark Knight not only fought against the underworld, but on behalf of the oppressed innocents of society. Vowing never to take a life, Batman also believes in rehabilitating evil-doers and making them useful members of society.

As far as superheroes go, Batman makes a great one to emulate for little ones. In a batman kids costume, your child can become the local crime fighter and bring justice to anyone around. Through discipline, determination and commitment, he can be the best champion of justice the world over.