When it comes to superheroes, who says only boys can have all the fun? Well, the truth is that they don’t. Marvel superheroes such as Batman have been fan favorites for boys and girls for years. And if the little girl in your life wants to fight crime like the Dark Knight, she can in a batgirl costume.

Gone are the days when only boys get the opportunity to wear the famous Batman costume. Now, girls can imitate the Cape Crusader with in a fabulous batgirl costume especially made for kids. This is one of the coolest outfits your little tyke can sport on Halloween, birthday parties and more.

The child batgirl costume consists of a glossy black dress with attached cape. A vibrant yellow batgirl insignia is on the front of the dress. The bottom of the dress has jagged edges and is topped off by a yellow utility belt that wraps around the waist. But the costume doesn’t stop there…

Also included with this outfit are black sleeve gauntlets that have three ridged arcs and boot tops that are made of the same material as the dress. But, most importantly, is a flexible, black batgirl mask that fits around the head with an elastic band. This is to protect your child’s super-secret identity while roaming the streets of Gotham.

This is a very cute costume available in sizes small (4-6), medium (8-10) and large (12-14). Since it is made of polyester and spandex, clean up is a breeze. All you have to do is wipe it clean and it’s ready to be worn again.

Your child will look smart and feel comfortable in this quality batgirl costume. And because it comes with several pieces to make it complete, there’s no need to buy additional items to pull off the look. The only item that you may consider, particularly for colder environments, are a pair of black stockings or leggings. These are also useful as some users report that the dress comes a wee short.

Because sometimes it takes a Batgirl to get the job done, your super girl will have plenty of fun in a batgirl costume as she takes on all the villains in Gothan City and beyond. As the lady Cape Crusader, she’ll be on top of the world in this disguise.

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