Batman Brave & Bold BatarangDuring Batman’s early days, he had a very hard approach and his crime series had a very  dark tone. Although he vowed to never take a life, there were a few rare occasions when  he used a gun. His preferred weapons, however, were unique anti-crime devices he created, such as the Batarang.

Among Batman’s many tools, the Batarang is one of the most recognizable. This bat-shaped  device was inspired by the Australian boomerang, but Batman’s weapon did more than fly  through the air in an arc and return to its owner.

For long distances, the Batarang could incapacitate a foe, knock weapons out of assailants’ hands, or travel to attach itself to objects, often trailing a strong cable that enabled Batman to move about.

Batman Brave & Bold Flashlight & Batarang KitAlthough your child will not be able to perform the feats of Batman, they can at least pretend like they are with their own replica of the Batman Batarangs. They’ll be able to stop crime in no time with ruby red outlined toy Batarangs. The gruesome criminals of Gotham City won’t stand a chance!

If you need to alert your little crime stopper, add a Batarang set that includes a Beaming “Bat-light” that displays the classic Bat Symbol when turned on with the two ruby red outlined Batarangs. That way, you’ll feel safe both day and night. The light will also come in handy on trick or treat night.

Through the years, Batman developed other uses for the Batarang, including an arsenal of  customized Batarangs that wailed like a siren, emitted smoke, exploded and much more.  Robin was as adept with the Batarang as Batman in subduing criminals.

Batman Batarangs and Safety LightStill yet, other Batarangs were developed that worked more like Japanese darts, sharpened  to cut into criminals’ hands or arms in order to disarm them. The most consistently used  versions of the Batarang included ones with micro-serrrated edges; a hard-impact version  for stunning criminals; a remote-controlled one linked to his utility belt; and an  aerodynamically edged model with a throwing top.

Like Batman, your child can get a different look and feel for his Batarangs with the gold and black edition that also includes a Bat-light. Just make sure he collects his weapons after use to keep them away from criminals or curious, untrained civilians who might injure themselves.

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