If your child is ready to rid the world of super villains, then he can do so in the Batman Brave & Bold costume. A favored DC Comics character, Batman has been well-loved and admired by young and old alike. And this costume is a really adorable outfit that is perfect for any Halloween or birthday party that requires a superhero to keep the peace.

You’ll instantly watch your child become Gotham’s dark knight when he gets into this Batman costume, licensed from the Cartoon Network series. Batman: The Brave and the Bold features Batman teaming up with other characters from the DC Universe to thwart villains or solve crimes. The series premiered on November 14, 2008 on Cartoon Network in the United States. The series is still airing in the United States with new episodes beginning in September 2011.

The Brave and the Bold costume includes a classic Batman blue and gray jumpsuit complete with a signature bat symbol on the front and attached arm gauntlets. A utility belt, cool cape and mask (to hide his secret identity) are also included in this daring dark knight’s look.

Available in sizes small, medium and large, this outfit is made of 100% polyester material. It provides plenty of room to layer clothes underneath so your little superhero stays warm while fighting crime. It’s comfortable and should easily withstand repeated wear. After all, being a superhero is a full-time job.

You can pair this costume with some black superhero boots. They feature a ½” heel, faux leather material, and a raised trim cuff. These boots make a fun finishing touch! Together with the brave and bold costume, the boots will give your child a sense of authority and strength.

Your child can team up with his little brother or best pal in a Robin costume to reunite the dynamic duo for some crime fighting action in Gotham with the Batman Brave and Bold costume!

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