Becoming Gotham’s favorite son…

When Bruce Wayne decided that he would protect Gotham city against crime, he needed an outfit that would enable him to move freely and provide versatility and cover as he patrolled the streets. Inspired by a bat, he had a batsuit tailored to resemble the winged creature’s silhouette. Wayne thought that the frightening batman costume would strike fear into the superstitious and cowardly criminals preying on the city’s innocent citizens.

The original batman costume was little more than an acrobat’s outfit with a few minor modifications. It consisted of gray tights covered with black trunks, short gloves, boots and a scalloped cloak that was affixed to his arms. Over time, the cloak became an enveloping, scalloped-edged cape. The gloves grew in length and gained three fins.

A belt was also added to the original batman costume with pockets and pouches for his crime-fighting gear. The bat-ears of the cowl grew in length, improving on the menacing image he projected from the shadows, alleyways and rooftops.

Your child can become the superhero himself in a child batman costume based on the original design. This batsuit will help your little one become one of the world’s most recognized superheros around.

Batman Batarangs and Safety LightThe child Batman costume has a molded foam chest to give him superhero muscles. The polyester jumpsuit ties at the back of the neck and has attached boot tops. A character mask and cape with bright blue lining are included. The poly-foam hand gauntlets and belt complete this great outfit. This costume goes great with Batgirl or Robin.

The image of your Caped Crusader’s cloaked form will encourage plenty of pretend play. Don’t worry though. The costume is well made and will last through heavy wear and super hero play. But remember, like Batman, he’ll need some gear to conquer his foes.

Pair the batsuit with a batman grappling hook, batarags and safety light. Imagine the fun…

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