Ace of Knaves, the Clown of Crime, Harlequin of Hats, the Joker of Crime, Madman of Mirth, and the Prince of Pranksters….It’s the Dark Knight Joker!

What better way to crash a Halloween party than to wear the mask and the clothes of Gotham City’s notorious Joker? To begin with, there are three good reasons why you should consider getting your child a Dark Knight Joker Costume over other more common costumes like those of Batman, Superman or Captain America.

First of all, this is the kind of costume where you or your child gets a better chance of being unique. Since everyone else wants to be the hero, it is just so predictable that someone is going to the party wearing Batman’s suit, but not everyone would consider being clad in Joker’s costume, right? So you see, your child will certainly stand out in this costume.

Next, it is easy to don a Dark Knight Joker Costume – there isn’t a lot of fuss because there are no capes or tights to deal with. A purple coat that comes with a dress shirt, vest, tie and the all-too popular purple pin striped pants is all you need and you’re good to go. Although a mask is included, even without it, your child is really going to look cool, sassy and prim in this costume. For the real creative types, the Joker makeup kit is available for a really unique look.

Finally, it is much easier to have fun if you get this costume for your child. He could suggest some of his other friends to come to the party as his clowns. And, of course, someone should come as Batman too.  You could even get an adult Joker costume so you and your child can drum up double trouble as the Big Joker and Little Joker at the party, especially if you aren’t fond of the tights that come with super hero costumes.

The Joker outfit is available in child sizes small, medium and large. While fairly complete out of the box, you may want to add a pair of Joker gloves. Then sit back and watch your child turn into comic book’s most violent sociopath with a sick sense of humor in this Deluxe Kids Joker Costume.

Wonder why the Joker has bizarre features – chalk white face, red lips, green hair? Well, the Joker once had normal features. He had been a masked criminal known as the Red Hood who escaped a botched robbery at the Monarch Playing Card Company by diving into a catch basin for the plant’s chemical wastes and following the flow out to the river. When he removed his mask, he discovered the hideous disfigurement that, because he resembled the Joker of a playing card deck, gave him a new criminal identity.

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