Batman is not just for big kids and adults. Even newborns and infants can get in on the fun. Remember, we all have to start somewhere and an Infant Batman Costume is as good a place as any.

The Infant Batman Suit is a courageous costume that includes a romper featuring armored screenprint and inner leg snap closure for convinient diaper changes, bat-mask with ears headpiece and a removable cape. You’ll only need to provide a pair of black booties to complete the look.

Available in sizes for Newborns (0-9 Months) and Infants (6-12 Months), this costume is great for an aspiring superhero. It’s the cutest most adorable costume not only for babies, but batman lovers as well! The soft material makes it comfy and easy to put on. After Halloween, it can even double as a sleeper, ensuring that you get your monies worth.

Because Gotham City is a rough place, it’s good to have friends! Have the little buddies dress like Robin or Batgirl for a themed group costume! And, don’t think that the little ones will be taken for granted. You can never judge superheros by their size. It’s the level of their courage that counts.

Halloween is a time when everyone can let their imaginations run wild. It’s a time to forget the rules that apply to normal life and seize on the opportunity for fun that exists in a world of infinite possibilities. It’s a time when everyone can be touched by magic and transformed.

So if you’ve got a pint-sized superhero in the house, imagine him living life in the batcave in a Infant Batman Costume. It’s the perfect way to make you and your child’s comic book and movie dreams come to life.

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