About a year after Batman’s debut, Robin joined the crime fighter. From then on, the two patrolled the streets of Gotham City as a team and were known as the Dynamic Duo. Wherever there was Batman (The Caped Crusader), there was also Robin (The Boy Wonder). So if you plan on dressing your child up as Batman for Halloween, make sure to pair him up with a suitable partner (like a younger brother or friend) in a Robin costume.

Robin aka Dick Grayson was a kid who worked with his parents in a flying trapeze act known as The Flying Graysons. It’s no surprise that this kids Robin costume is designed with acrobatics in mind. This deluxe costume provides an instant transformation to Robin. The all-polyester jumpsuit has a foam chest liner to create a muscular appearance. Although boots are not included, boot tops are attached to the jumpsuit. The black and yellow polyester cape closes with a button at the back of the neck. A yellow foam belt and black foam eye mask complete the outfit.

Robin first met Batman on the fateful night when he witnessed his parents fall to their death when their ropes snapped during a high-wire act under the big top.  Batman revealed to the Young Dick Grayson that the accident was the result of foul play. Crime Lord Anthony “Boss” Zucco caused the accident because the circus manager refused to pay protection money.

Shazam (Black) Child BootsBatman, suspicious of the hold Zucco might have over the police, appeared to Grayson like a dark angel and warned him against going to the authorities. And, Batman couldn’t say no when the boy insisted that Batman help him avenge his parent’s death. Thus, the Dynamic Duo was born.

Batman and Robin successfully battled against their first villain when they broke Zucco’s hold on the city. In response, the governor promised to use his power to see that Gotham City politics stayed clean. Bruce Wayne then adopted Grayson as his ward.

The kids Robin costume is ideal for kids age 2-4. It’s a durable all occasion outfit that will wear well at birthday parties, social gatherings, and most importantly, during Halloween for Trick or Treating.

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