Robin is the name of a fictitional character that appears in comic books distributed by DC Comics. He was initially created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson, as a subordinate complement to DC Comics superhero Batman. Batman and Robin’s formidable team is frequently known as the Dynamic Duo.

In the Batman series, Robin is portrayed by the character of Dick Grayson of The Flying Graysons. He watched in dreadfulness when his parents died after their ropes snapped during a high wire act. Young Dick Grayson met face-to-face with Batman on that fateful day. From then on, Grayson became Batman’s long-time crime-fighting buddy. Their first order of business was to avenge the death of Grayson’s parents.

Robin was a natural acrobat. It’s no wonder that a typical kids Robin costume passes the standards for crime fighting acrobats in training in terms of quality. In particular, the Teen Titans Deluxe Robin Costume, with its bright red, yellow and green colors, fits the bill. It consists of a green and red chisel padded muscle chest jumpsuit with boot tops, a black mask, yellow belt, and yellow cape.

After bringing the Grayson’s killer to justice, Batman revealed his true identity (Bruce Wayne) to Grayson. The orphaned Grayson then became Wayne’s ward and the two patrolled the streets of Gotham as a team.

A kids Robin costume serves as a fabulous outfit for Batman and Robin fans. Robin is particularly attractive for younger kids because he is a character with whom they can identify. The Boy Wonder may not be the biggest or strongest kid around, but he’s giving all he’s got to make a difference in the fight against crime.

Your little superhero can cut loose in a Robin costume, whether for Christmas parties, birthday parties, social gatherings, and most importantly, during Halloween. Whether saving upstanding citizens form lurking threats or rescuing Batman from impending danger, he can comfortably fight ceaselessly and relentlessly in a kids Robin costume.